Display at Livingston Chiropractic

My personal chiropractor and friend, John Livingston, has created a wonderful opportunity for me to display my artwork in his office for display and for sale. Livingston Chiropractic center in Warrensville heights Ohio will be displaying the entire Explore the Reef Collection. His patients can feel the calm of the ocean while they are waitingContinue reading “Display at Livingston Chiropractic”

Exhibit At Skylight Penthouse

I am pleased to announce that I am currently running an exhibit with Skylight Financial at the Skylight Penthouse in Cleveland Ohio, in Ohio City. This exhibit features 17 pieces total: 14 originals and 3 prints. They are from various collections of mine, and I am so excited to share them. If you are nearContinue reading “Exhibit At Skylight Penthouse”

Window Display in Downtown Ravenna

The Ravenna Area chamber of Commerce is now currently featuring select pieces from the Explore the Reef Collection for the next month or so in the window display on Main Street in Downtown Ravenna. This opportunity is exciting and it was so much fun to set up! Come check it out while it lasts! CheckContinue reading “Window Display in Downtown Ravenna”

Completed Kung Fu Wall Mural

After 3.5 months, the 35ft commissioned wall mural was completed for White Lotus Kung Fu Studio in Ravenna, Ohio. What a busy past few months! This mural incorporates the classic 5 Kung Fu animals: leopard, tiger, snake, crane, and dragon. These animals are guarding the treacherous jungle bridge path leading to the lonely mountain temple.Continue reading “Completed Kung Fu Wall Mural”

How to paint a mural: part 2. The transfer

In my last post we tackled the process of creating and finalizing a design. With a design created we just have to get the sketch…on the wall? Below are some tips and tricks to do just that! I will also mention what paint you need to buy and what type to get. Step 1: PrepContinue reading “How to paint a mural: part 2. The transfer”

30ft Mural Is Coming 🔥

I am excited to announce that my next big project is a 30ft commissioned wall mural for White Lotus Kung Fu! White Lotus Kung Fu is a classic Chinese martial arts school that has recently relocated to downtown Ravenna, Ohio. They have graciously given me the opportunity to paint my biggest canvas yet. Check outContinue reading “30ft Mural Is Coming 🔥”

Owl Be home for Christmas

It is not quite Thanksgiving yet, but it is never too early to start Christmas gift shopping. With that in mind… the Holiday Collection is live! These little animal paintings will be $30 each and available here. A bit about the collection: I wanted this collection to be silly and cute. Painting their facial expressionsContinue reading “Owl Be home for Christmas”

Holiday Collections are Coming

Happy belated Halloween everyone! I hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween evening. This fall is rushing by with Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner. With the fun season comes fun paintings. This Saturday, November 6, I am releasing a mini painting Holiday collection of festive woodland creatures. These Mini paintings will beContinue reading “Holiday Collections are Coming”