Grace Nestor- Louie

Vivid Art That Will Brighten Your Day

Art evokes emotion. It sets a mood. It is a lifestyle, not just a decoration. Whether an art piece is in a business setting, or a homey living room, it displays the owner’s personality. It makes you and others feel more comfortable. 

Grace Nestor-Louie creates artwork that is bright, vivid, and wholesome. With a focus on Creation, she uses the natural realm to bring sunshine inside the home. This sunshine can be given through custom oil pieces or hand painted murals. Grace is based out of Northeast, Ohio.

Oil Painting Originals

My online store offers you original works of art and prints. If you would like a painting tailored to your needs, a commission piece would be the answer.

Mural Masterpiece

Are you looking for something large scale and of big impact? Commission a mural larger than life.

Current Offerings:

Window Painting

Window painting is a great way to decorate for a holiday or list a promotion on the window. The painting is done on the outside of the window, can last several months, and does not harm the window with removal. Decorated windows make storefronts more inviting to customers. It also gives them something to remember!

Floral Collection

Flowers have a timeless beauty that will enchant the viewers, and take them to a quiet and heavenly place. Reconnect with nature’s beauty in this ongoing floral collection.

Explore the Reef Signature Collection

This 2021, twelve piece, signature collection focuses on life among the coral reefs. This collection was designed to give the viewers a glimpse of an ecosystem that is not readily seen, but is an integral part of our world. I use many thin, transparent, glaze layers to build depth into the painting while simultaneously using visible strokes to add a touch of whimsy. These paintings are available for sale in my online store. They are also on display and for sale at Livingston Chiropractic in Warrensville Hts. Ohio.

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