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I hand paint original fine art oil paintings for my clients who enjoy a touch of whimsy and an abundance of color





If you would like a painting that would perfectly fit your home, a commission piece may just be for you. You have the ability to select something that will perfectly match your home and be completely unique.

Original and Prints

In my online store I offer original artworks and prints on canvas. Check out the store and invest in your own original today.

Current Collections:

Explore the Reef Signature Collection

This 2021, twelve piece, signature collection focuses on life among the coral reefs. This collection was designed to give the viewers a glimpse of an ecosystem that is not readily seen, but is an integral part of our world. I use many thin, transparent, glaze layers to build depth into the painting while simultaneously using visible strokes to add a touch of whimsy. These paintings are available for sale in the online store.

Pet Portraits

Is there a furry loved one that you would like to memorialize? I now offer pet portraits that bring memories to life. An oil painting is much more intimate than a photo. It captures the expression that makes your animal unique.

The Mini Collection

Due to popular demand, I now run a permanent line of mini paintings that are 2.75” x 2.75” and sold with their own easels. Each contain impeccable tiny detail and are painted with delicate brushes. These make great gifts and personal home decorations. Start collecting today!

Wall Mural in Ravenna, Ohio

This 35ft wall mural was completed in April 2022 for the newly relocated White Lotus Kung Fu Studio in Ravenna Ohio. This mural incorporated the classic 5 Kung Fu animals: leopard, tiger, snake, crane, and dragon. These animals are guarding the treacherous jungle bridge path leading to the lonely mountain temple. The mountains are based off of the Tianzi mountain range in China.

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