My Style

I am a self- taught fine art oil painter that produces paintings in a variety of canvas sizes with a touch of whimsy and an abundance of color.

My paintings explore color and texture through visible brush strokes, palette knife, and occasionally plaster. I paint in bright, vivid colors because I want to evoke happiness in my viewers.

My Inspiration

I paint what I know. I have been to countries throughout the Middle East, Latin America, and Europe. My jungle trips to Colombia and Costa Rica have inspired a lot of my paintings. If it is not a jungle, it is flowers or animals! I just can’t get enough of nature.


Several times a week I stream on Twitch. Most of the paintings in my portfolio have been painted online! My audience can communicate with me in real time and ask questions about my works. Come hang with me online!

My Muse

I always paint with my cat by my side. He is my muse and my biggest cheerleader. You may see him on my Twitch Stream.

Mini Paintings

Mini Paintings have been the latest trend for my painting collection. Due to popular demand, I now run a permanent line of mini paintings that are 2.75” x 2.75” and sold with their own easels. Each season offers new collections and collectables. Collect yours today with the link below.

What I Paint




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