A Year in Review: 2020

Everyone knows that this year has been a wild ride: Pandemic, murder hornets, civil unrest, political battles, massive hurricanes, and the like. The world has turned upside down, and many lives have changed – including mine. I started a new career, learned new skills, and built up a brand. As this year is rapidly comingContinue reading “A Year in Review: 2020”

Thanksgiving and Black Friday Sale!

Get Ready. Set. Go! Grace Nestor- Louie paintings is offering the first Thanksgiving and Black Friday Sale ever! Yay! All paintings small to large will be 50% off. All minis will be 20% off. These deals will go Live on November 26 at 12:00am to November 27 till 11:59pm. Get your Christmas presents ready whileContinue reading “Thanksgiving and Black Friday Sale!”

Artist of The Month: Corner Cup Coffee Shop

I am pleased to announce that I will be Artist of the Month at the local Corner Cup Coffee Shop in Stow, Ohio for the month of November! For this exciting month, sixteen of my paintings will be on display and for sale at the shop. This is a perfect opportunity to get a headContinue reading “Artist of The Month: Corner Cup Coffee Shop”

The Miniature Collection

Small. Detailed. Affordable I am excited to announce that I am adding the mini painting collection as a full time offer in my store. The Fall Mini Series received a lot of success and I would like to dive into this avenue of painting further. These cute canvas paintings are 2.75″ by 2.75.” They areContinue reading “The Miniature Collection”

Behind the Scenes of Coloring Streams

A few Monday evenings every month on Twitch I hold a coloring stream. For each stream, I provide an original drawn coloring page that my audience and I can color. I started this stream as a way to provide a fun and uplifting activity during quarantine. Coloring is very popular for adults and provides aContinue reading “Behind the Scenes of Coloring Streams”

3 Ways to Beat the Creative Block

One of the hardest parts of creating is creating when you are uninspired. Most every artist has sat staring out the window just waiting for the creative block to pass. I often run into similar blocks and have found some methods that help me cope. Below are three methods that I use. I hope theyContinue reading “3 Ways to Beat the Creative Block”

How I painted The Reef

These past few weeks I have been inspired by the ocean and have created several ocean works. My favorite has been the ocean sea turtle couple that took over a month to create. My inspiration came from multiple documentaries and sea videos that I found. I wanted to learn how sea turtles acted in theirContinue reading “How I painted The Reef”

Art Sale! Store Now Open.

When I was little, I used to live right next to balloon fest in Ashland, Ohio. Balloon Fest is a popular Ashland activity where people from all over Ohio come to watch a beautiful display of hot air balloons firing up to music and lighting up the night sky. All people of Ashland look forwardContinue reading “Art Sale! Store Now Open.”

The Learning Curve of Twitch

I have news to tell: I have started streaming myself painting on Twitch. Twitch is an online platform where creators can stream content and viewers can watch these streams in real time while communicating with the creator via a chat box. Twitch became big through video game streaming and has since branched out into otherContinue reading “The Learning Curve of Twitch”