For the Home & For the Workplace

In today’s crowded market it is important for businesses and individuals to set themselves apart from their competitors. Art can do just that. A custom art piece is an investment in your personality. It has the ability to draw customers in the door and start conversations. It creates a positive experience that they will associate with your business. Nestor Louie Studio offers custom canvas collections and wall murals for clients who want to stand out. On a home base level, custom artwork can establish the home owner’s individuality. An oil painting can set the mood for an entire room. It brings a sense of luxury that will make neighbors envious.

For Canvas Collections & Mural Masterpieces

Canvas Collections: Grace Nestor-Louie offers both single units and collections of oil canvases. If you are looking for an existing collection available for purchase immediately please contact to inquire. Grace Nestor-Louie tries to have a collection available at all times that is ready for immediate purchase. Skip the wait. Enjoy your originals immediately. Oil paintings are priced by the square inch. The more complex the painting-the higher the price. Commissioned pieces have a minimum of $100, no matter the size.

Mural Masterpiece: Are you wanting a large mural to brighten up your office or your home? A mural may be right for you. During a free consultation, Grace is available to go out to the location and observe the space, measure, and see if the area is the right fit for the mural. Price is determined by price per square footage + fees. Grace serves the Northeast Ohio region, but will travel outside with compensation.

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After Submission, Grace will reach out to you shortly to schedule a time.

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