For the Home & For the Workplace

In today’s crowded market it is important for businesses to set themselves apart from their competitors. Art can do just that. A custom art piece is an investment in your brand’s personality. It has the ability to draw customers in the door and start conversations. It creates a positive experience that they will associate with your business. Nestor Louie Studio offers custom canvas collections and wall murals for clients who want to stand out.

On a home base level, custom artwork can establish the home owner’s individuality. An oil painting can set the mood for an entire room. It brings a sense of luxury that will makes neighbors envious.

Note: If you are looking for an existing collection available for purchase immediately please contact to inquire. Nestor Louie Studio tries to have a collection available at all times that is ready for immediate purchase. Skip the wait. Enjoy your originals immediately.

The Process

  1. Please fill out the contact form below.
  2. A free consultation will be scheduled to see if Nestor Louie Studio is a good fit.
  3. I will set up a call to talk through your initial desires, color schemes, and theme.
  4. We will collaborate on some sketches to nail down what the painting should look like.
  5. Once I have created a custom listing on my site you will provide a downpayment.
  6. At this point the painting is ready to start.
  7. Once the painting is done, the rest of the payment can be made.
  8. The painting can either be shipped or picked up in person.
  9. Enjoy your painting in your home knowing it was specifically made just for you!

Commission Inquiry Form

Current Commissions to be paid will be listed here:

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