If you would like a painting that would perfectly fit your home, you may order a commission piece. The steps below walk through the process on what and how to do it. Let’s work together on a great painting.

The Steps

  1. Please send in the contact form below.
  2. I will set up a call to talk through your initial desires, color schemes, and theme.
  3. We will collaborate on some sketches to nail down what the painting should look like.
  4. Once I have created a custom listing on my site you will provide a downpayment.
  5. After a payment we will get started! If you wish, you can watch me paint your custom painting in real time on Twitch while providing feedback and color as I go along. I can also send progress photos throughout the process.
  6. Once the painting is done, the rest of the payment can be made.
  7. The painting will either be shipped or picked up in person.
  8. Enjoy your painting in your home knowing it was specifically made just for you!

Let’s Create Together!

Commission Inquiry Form

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