How I painted The Reef

These past few weeks I have been inspired by the ocean and have created several ocean works. My favorite has been the ocean sea turtle couple that took over a month to create. My inspiration came from multiple documentaries and sea videos that I found. I wanted to learn how sea turtles acted in theirContinue reading “How I painted The Reef”

Art Sale! Store Now Open.

When I was little, I used to live right next to balloon fest in Ashland, Ohio. Balloon Fest is a popular Ashland activity where people from all over Ohio come to watch a beautiful display of hot air balloons firing up to music and lighting up the night sky. All people of Ashland look forwardContinue reading “Art Sale! Store Now Open.”

The Learning Curve of Twitch

I have news to tell: I have started streaming myself painting on Twitch. Twitch is an online platform where creators can stream content and viewers can watch these streams in real time while communicating with the creator via a chat box. Twitch became big through video game streaming and has since branched out into otherContinue reading “The Learning Curve of Twitch”

Twitch: Letting Others Watch Me Paint?

As I have started putting my painting business together I have been pondering how I could build a lasting connection with those that like my work. I would like to know my audience and become apart of their lives as they have become apart of mine. Over Christmas my brother in law gave me theContinue reading “Twitch: Letting Others Watch Me Paint?”

Merry Christmas! 2019

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope everyone of you will enjoy today with your families and loved ones.  This year I tried to hand make a lot of my gifts for a special touch. This consisted of baked goods, decorations, and some paintings. My favorite was the painting of my nephew that I gifted to hisContinue reading “Merry Christmas! 2019”