What a Success!

Two guests viewing The Kingdom

The Opening Night was a success! For two hours over 65 people filtered in and out of the gallery. It was a whirlwind of greeting guests and talking about the collection. Everyone was in high spirits on the good weathered evening. Ohio threatened rain, but it stopped shortly before the event began. I could not have asked for a better evening.

As guests walked in they were greeted with a wine bar on the right. After a selecting a glass of wine, the guests would wander to the left grabbing a snack and stopping by the information table. They were then lead around the gallery to view the 12 works of my collection along the back wall. As the sole exhibitor, my artwork was the only artwork on display in the gallery.

It was very rewarding to see my art up on the wall for my very first gallery exhibit. Watching everyone look at my art made all the hours of hard work worth it. I want to thank everyone who came to the Opening Night. Your support is greatly appreciated. If you did not get a chance to attend, the exhibit will be open through September 25th. To see all of the works in the collection please click here.

Thank you, and I hope you have a wonderful rest of your summer.

Published by Grace Nestor-Louie

My name is Grace Nestor-Louie and I am a fine art oil painter & muralist in Kent, Ohio. I paint in bright colors and focus on animals and nature. I paint on commission and sell online. Come check out my portfolio and stay connected through Instagram @gracenestorlouie.

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