Twitch: Letting Others Watch Me Paint?

As I have started putting my painting business together I have been pondering how I could build a lasting connection with those that like my work. I would like to know my audience and become apart of their lives as they have become apart of mine. Over Christmas my brother in law gave me the idea of streaming myself painting on a website called Twitch. Twitch is a streaming website that builds a community through online chat rooms and interactions with the content creator in real time. This would provide the medium for my readers to virtually meet me in real life. I am excited for the possibilities!

My plan is to show my viewers my paintings from start to finish. Buyers will now be able to see how their paintings have come into existence. I do have to admit: I have never streamed before and am moving out of my comfort zone into the unknown. I would love your input on how I could improve and provide content that you would like to see. This will be your channel. What would you like to see? Please comment below!

I hope to start within the next week. Please follow me on twitter, @gracenestor, to get live updated of when I will be on!

You can watch me at

Now it will not only be my cat watching me work.

Published by Grace Nestor-Louie

My name is Grace Nestor-Louie and I am a fine art oil painter & muralist in Kent, Ohio. I paint in bright colors and focus on animals and nature. I paint on commission and sell online. Come check out my portfolio and stay connected through Instagram @gracenestorlouie.

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