Flower Series

Over the past few days I have been working in my studio on a new flower series. I am exploring further the bold textures of flowers through paint and plaster. I have been very interested in creating flowers through thick swabs of paint from pallet knife to canvas. I use a lot of paint this way, but flowers that are elevated from the surface seem to have more life.

For these types of paintings I start by adding a background to my canvas. Adding the background first is easiest and it gives my flowers something to adhere to. The silky texture of paint allows me to swirl my flowers however I like! I hope you stay tuned for my further works in progress.

Published by Grace Nestor-Louie

My name is Grace Nestor-Louie and I am a fine art oil painter & muralist in Kent, Ohio. I paint in bright colors and focus on animals and nature. I paint on commission and sell online. Come check out my portfolio and stay connected through Instagram @gracenestorlouie.

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